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Brida cablu forjata G460 Soft Eye Bundle Clip Crosby®

  • Each base and Bundle Clip adapter has a product identification code (pic) for material tracability, the name CROSBYor CG, and a size forged into it.
  • Entire clip-galvanized to resist corrosive and rusting action.
  • Forged bases and bundle clip adapters.
  • All bundle clips are individually bagged ortagged with proper application instructions and warning information.
  • Clips have rolled threads.
  • Meets or exceeds allrequirements ofASME B30.26 including manufacturing I.D. and size requirements. Importantly, these wire rope bundle clips meet material traceability, not
    addressed byASME B30.26.
  • Bundle ClipAdapterfor Soft Eye (G4460) and for Thimble Eye (G4461) kits available.
  • Look fortheRed-U-Bolt, your assurance of Genuine Crosby Products.


Rope Size Bundle Clip Style Stock No. Weight Each(kg) Dimensions (mm)
mm in. D F G H K O
18-20 3 / 4 G460 1010509 1,1 38,1 26,9 57,2 72,1 88,9 105
18-20 3 / 4 G461 1010619 1,1 38,1 26,9 57,2 72,1 88,9 72,4

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